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Chris Donaldson is a real estate broker, popular keynote speaker, teacher, business coach, entrepreneur, and a leadership expert. A businessman with a teacher’s heart, everything Chris touches begins and ends with the goal of helping you achieve what you want.

Jumping into the world of real estate while still just a college student, he quickly transitioned his love of teaching to become one of the youngest certified real estate instructors ever in his home state of Louisiana. Now the CEO of Donaldson Educational Services, Founder/CEO of Donaldson Training Solutions and active real estate broker his daily mission is to make YOUR life and career better.

Passion and enthusiasm to help others is evident in everything Chris touches. Whether that simply means helping you obtain that new license you desire, making sure you understand your license requirements, compliance and continuing education, or doing his part to help you excel with “next level” training to help you succeed – it is all under the umbrella of the businesses and efforts Chris works on each day. The goal is simple, that someone benefits from any one the programs, courses, books, free content, or anything else that is created by Chris and his amazing team. 

Chris currently lives in New Orleans Louisiana with his beloved “watch dog” Putter. While not working on his businesses, he enjoys golf, fitness, and not burning down the kitchen trying to cook. Giving back to the community through various charitable foundations is always at the top of mind, especially those which can directly affect the lives and futures of those the organizations serve.
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Inside the Superstar Lead Conversion Playbook
In the real estate industry, one of the most common topics of discussion and debate is lead conversion, particularly when dealing with leads generated online. Agents may vehemently defend this method or that piece of software. But many forget to return to the fundamentals of real estate lead conversion and to reexamine the systems they have in place for capturing and nurturing leads.
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Superstars 2.0 - Kickstart Your Real Estate Career Day 5
Metairie - 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
January 29
Lafayette, LA
2019 Real Estate Agent & Broker Mandatory CE Seminars (Louisiana)
February 12
Baton Rouge, LA
Latter & Blum, Inc.
 Agent Symposium
February 19
Lafayette, LA

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Chris is CEO of Donaldson Educational Services, a multi-disciplinary educational services school headquartered in Louisiana. Find out more here!