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About Chris
Chris Donaldson Cares About Your Success

Chris Donaldson has an absolute passion in life to help others. Whether that simply means obtaining that new license you desire, making sure you understand your license requirements, compliance education, or doing his part to help you excel with “next level” training to help you succeed – it is all part of the gig. Every day, someone benefits from one the programs, courses, books, and other content that we create and that means something. New careers, expanded earnings, necessary continuing education – it is all right here in one place.

As a practicing real estate broker, trainer, keynote speaker, coach, blogger, government watchdog, and overall industry and business specialist, Chris Donaldson’s goal is to improve lives and inform on all sorts of industry topics. He truly believes you’ll never work a day in your life if you find something for which you have passion, and he is thankful each and every day to have the opportunity to do what he enjoys. Every. Single. Day.
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Chris is CEO of Donaldson Educational Services, a multi-disciplinary educational services school headquartered in Louisiana. Find out more here!
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