Fair Housing Resources 2

Fair Housing Resources

As often mentioned in my courses and seminars, knowledge of The Fair Housing Act is critical to real estate professionals. Staying on top of the latest changes, additions, and rulings can help you maintain a proper risk management plan. Let this page serve as a nice supplement to the information you already know!

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Fair Housing resources such as links to guidance or updated rules regarding the following:

  • Assistance animals
  • Service animals
  • COVID-19 / Coronavirus
  • Harassment
  • LGBT
  • Occupancy standards
  • Disparate impact

Thanks again for everyone here who attended a recent course or seminar!

Fair Housing Resource List

Below are a few links to resources, including videos and guidance as mentioned in your Fair Housing course. My main goal by posting here is to offer you a chance to quickly find any of the issues mentioned in class, so it is by no means comprehensive! If there is something you were looking for and feel I may have missed, shoot me an email at chris@christalks.com and let me know!

Assistance Animals



NAR® Window to the Law – Assistance Animal Guidance 

Service Animals

ADA Revised Requirements on Service Animals

Service Animals and Assistance Animals for People with Disabilities (HUD) 


Sexual Harassment and Housing Providers 

Housing Discrimination and Persons Identifying as LGBTQ

HUD LGBT Resource Page 

Other Frequently Requested Resources

HUD Occupancy Standards Notice 

Louisiana Equal Housing Opportunity

COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) Resources Related to Fair Housing

CDC Eviction Moratorium Notice  

Temporary Halt in Evictions – Federal Register

Tenant Declaration Form

For More:

I hope you found this list of resources helpful! Thank you for attending my session or course recently, it means a lot to me. If you would like to stay in touch and have access to the latest developments in the real estate industry, make sure to subscribe to my personal email list. This list is how you can join the #OfficeHours community of like-minded agents and brokers just like you!!

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