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Chris Donaldson
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#OfficeHours Episode 038: The Zillow Files with Special Guest Chad Fincher!
Originally aired: July 11 at 7:00 PM CST
You've got questions? We've got answers!
With the millions of questions that come up, and real estate students spread all throughout Donaldson’s campus locations and, of course, online only – we wanted to create a regular show where we could present good information to you in order to help you pass the real estate exam. Furthermore, you will have a chance to submit your questions before the show and we will answer them LIVE on the air for you on that week’s show. Of course, we don’t stop there….we will also cover topics for new and experienced real estate agents to keep you informed of the latest in the world of real estate. We want to see you succeed, so join us for the next episode!
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