What Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know


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The truth about the real estate business is that it is a huge industry which has created lots of very wealthy people. The truth about being a real estate agent is that there is an awful lot of money to be made, and the industry is as strong as ever. It is also true, however, that those who make it “big” as a real estate agent are few and those who don’t are many. But don’t let people dissuade you from your dreams, because if you are a new real estate agent the ability to make the money of your dreams is actually easier now than ever before!

What’s the Difference?

Every New Real Estate Agent Needs A Plan

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For many who enter the real estate business for the first time, much of their motivation is the allure of fast money and independence that comes with the territory. That isn’t exactly untrue, but if you get your real estate license and really want to make it – you need a plan.

As a new real estate agent, it is likely that this is the first time you have ever gone out on your own and been your own boss. Isn’t it great!? However, with the freedom also comes the responsibility. As a real estate agent, since you are your own boss you need to have a business plan and a defined plan of action for every “business day.” You see, everyone says they want to work for themselves. But how many can?

The advantage to working on your own is that no one is making you show up at a certain time, you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, and you can take a day off whenever you darn well please. This is also the disadvantage to working for yourself. No one is going to make you work, no one is going to provide you with daily activities. There is no one to provide you the security of a base income and yes you are all alone!

But that is the advantage, if you know what to do.

Superstars 2.0 – Day 1

The REAL business of real estate

I have spent the better part of a year developing the most detailed new real estate agent training program available in the marketplace. The reason? I am tired of seeing good people fail in the business! It just shouldn’t happen, they just need a little guidance. It is my life’s mission to give you that guidance.

In Day 1 of our Superstars 2.0 program, you will learn what it really means to be in the business of real estate and how to set yourself up for success. On Day 1 you better buckle up, because we are going to get you pumped up and help you discover what it really is that you want from your career as a new real estate agent!

In addition to unbridled enthusiasm and motivation, we are going to “set the table” and explain some important things you will need to know as a new real estate agent including:

  • What will make you an expert in real estate?
  • How do YOU define success and how will YOU get there?
  • The importance of setting goals
  • Creating your own real estate business plan
  • Guidance on what to do NOW to get yourself a book of business
  • Action steps on each
  • and so much MORE!

Superstars 2.0 was born from both an idea and a demand. As an experienced yet relatively young real estate professional myself (I am a millennial by most calculations!) it is my mission to do everything it takes to help those that really want to succeed get the training they need. If you recently got your real estate license, or are a new real estate agent in the business, look into joining us for the inaugural Superstars 2.0 class and start dominating the competition and making more money!

See you in January, 2016.

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