Lead Generation and Prospecting (Superstars 2.0 Day 2)

Prospecting and Lead Generation for the Modern Agent

real estate sales success - lead generation
THE number one thing that every real estate agent needs to know, new or old, is that while the real estate business has certainly changed in recent times – it is still the same. Real estate sales is just that – it is sales. And if you intend to make it as a real estate agent in this game, you first need to understand the game. Prospecting and lead generation is what separates the “haves” and the “have nots” as real estate agents. In other words, those who make it big have lots of clients. Where in the world did they get all those clients??

The game really is simple, in theory. You need leads. You then need to convert those leads. You then need to sell the properties you converted. Rinse and Repeat. In essence, real estate sales is all about prospecting, presenting, and closing.

real estate sales is all about prospecting, presenting, and closing

How Do I Get New Clients?

phone call - lead generation and conversion

THAT, my new real estate agent friends, is the name of the game. Once you have your real estate license, that is obviously an excellent first step towards a rewarding career in which you can make a fantastic living. However, once you step out of real estate class and into the sales world – you need to make your phone ring. The real business of real estate is all about prospecting and lead generation, making your phone ring and then knowing what to do when it does.

Leads You Say?

Yes – LEADS! Without sales leads, who are you going to sell yourself to? How are you going to get those shiny new “For Sale” signs in the yard? How will you ever make it in a sales business?

That’s what lead generation is all about. The key to real estate sales is generating leads – lots of them – and then converting those leads once you have the opportunity. Once you have your real estate license, you have the wide open opportunity to make as much money as you want. Let that sink in! But also remember, since this is a sales business you can also make very little – or even 0. However, if you are constantly working on prospecting and you are constantly generating new leads for your real estate business YOU will be the one who makes it while the other guy does not. If you cannot market yourself, how in the world will you market someone’s property for sale?

Superstars 2.0 – Day 2

YOUR tailored system to make the kind of money you really want in real estate

In this session which is absolutely packed with practical strategies to help you make money in real estate, you will learn such skills as:

  • The difference between marketing and prospecting
  • Understanding what really makes a real estate agent money
  • How to target your niche and develop just the right strategy
  • Specific actionable steps to take in order to generate leads – NOW!
  • Working with social media and unleashing its power
  • Learning the numbers game
  • What to do with a lead – strategies for effective conversion into clients
  • and MUCH MUCH more!

This class was written by a real estate agent just like you who wants to unveil the secrets to a successful real estate career and help you have the career of your dreams. Don’t miss out – your competition just may be there!

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Prospecting and Lead Generation (SUPERSTARS  2.0)