The Killer Listing Presentation – Part 3 of What Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

Superstars 2.0 Day 3: The Killer Listing Presentation


How Important is the Listing Presentation?

If you are in real estate sales, and primarily deal with sellers as clients, the listing presentation is everything! A good friend in the business calls them an “employment opportunity,” and I think that is a great way to look at it. Since real estate is a sales game, you need to make sales in order to make money. However, you cannot make sales without client inventory to sell. Therefore, unless you are provided listings on a silver platter (like your Mom selling her house) – then once you generate these seller leads you need to convert them into a client. How will you do that? Usually it is made during the listing presentation, your chance to prove your worth as a real estate agent and get yourself hired.

What Exactly is a Listing Presentation?

In simple terms, the listing presentation is your chance to sell yourself to a seller. In some cases, this might be easy as the seller either has a prior relationship with you or you are lucky enough to come highly recommended. However there will be other cases – especially if you become adept at generating new leads – where this potential client does not know you from Adam and is allowing you into their home to pitch your real estate business. What a great opportunity!

So really, the listing presentation is all about the listing appointment. Having a plan of action to both get business done, but also to accomplish other goals such as trust with your client are crucial here. A few things that should take place at every listing appointment

  • Proper friendly introduction and tour of the house/property
  • Opportunity for the agent to gather information about the seller and why they are selling (understanding seller motivation is HUGE)
  • A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) prepared in advance and presented to the seller
  • A formal listing presentation where the real estate agent will discuss the advantages of working with them and a chance to show how the agent will greatly assist in the sales process
  • Closing of the deal – signing the proper paperwork to solidify the listing and also satisfy any local license laws or Board rules

    A Listing Presentation is a Skill That Should be Practiced


Like any great athlete or business performer, considering the important of the listing presentation and listing appointment – you should begin practicing those skills right away. Ever been to a concert and been amazed at the level of performance of the musicians? The roar of the crowd is great, and certainly the best in their respective musical realms make a lot of money. But what we don’t see is all the practice that went into creating and perfecting that craft.

Your business is sales. Listing appointments gain you new clients. You must practice the art of a listing presentation like a musician practices their instrument. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, and mistakes will come. However learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them. Take stock at techniques that work over time with various successful appointments, and also take careful note of what doesn’t work. Be willing to constantly revise your practice or use different techniques to ensure that you are ready to nail every appointment.

Superstars 2.0 – Day 3

The Killer Listing Presentation & How to Effectively Market a Listing

  • Learn how the listing game has changed, but also how it has stayed the same
  • Remember the important activities that lead to the listing appointment
  • Learn what you need to do to nail every listing appointment. Every time.
  • Understand the proper execution of a CMA and it’s purpose
  • Discover the tools in the arsenal of the killer real estate agent
  • The DO’s and DON’Ts when working with sellers
  • Preparing an effective marketing plan to sell more houses and get more clients

Killer Listing Presentation (SS 2.0)

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