Superstars 2.0 Day 4 – A Video Explanation

Superstars 2.0 Day 4 – Property Measurement and Pricing (The True Art of a CMA)

In this video, we break down Superstars 2.0 Day 4 so that you will know what the program covers and why you need to be there!

On this day of Superstars 2.0, we will teach Property Measurement and Pricing (The True Art of a CMA). For any real estate agent new and old, you need to know several essential skills relative to the measurement of a house:

-what is square footage?
-what is living area square footage?
-how do I properly measure square footage?

In addition, you will also learn the ins and outs of preparing a real estate agent’s secret weapon – The CMA (Competitive Market Analysis). Remember, What Makes YOU an expert as a real estate agent? Well, hopefully part of that expertise is your knowledge of pricing and how to value properties in your local market area. So on Day 4 of Superstars 2.0, we are going to teach you how to prepare a proper CMA and always be looked to as a pricing expert.

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