Superstars 2.0 – Day 5

How to Utilize and Negotiate Contracts Like a Pro

Superstars 2.0 – Day 5

As we continue to build the tool chest for the modern real estate agent, on Day 5 of your Superstars 2.0 journey we will dive into the world of contracts and negotiation.

If you are a new agent especially, consider this your crash course on how to fill out a purchase agreement form properly and also learn important elements about its use. It is time to become a real estate Superstar, so we are going to make sure you have the best fundamental contract knowledge humanly possible! Line by line instructions on how to complete the form will be critical, in addition to strategies for delivery such as cloud delivery services and electronic signatures.

In addition, we will also work to build one of the most important skills of the real estate agent – negotiation! Negotiating deals is one of the primary reasons that a seller (or buyer) is going to bring an agent on board as their representative, therefore in order for you to reach your full potential as a real estate agent you will need to be an excellent negotiator.

On Day 5, we will teach you the skills to negotiate like a pro and also how to communicate with others “The Superstar Way.” Make no mistake, some methods are tried and true while others need to be scrapped and completely re-thought as the world (and people) have changed!

After making it through Day 5 of your Superstars 2.0 program, you should be primed to negotiate deals and facilitate contracts within a real estate transaction like a pro!