Superstars 2.0 – Real Estate Agent Training


What is Superstars 2.0?
Superstars 2.0 is THE training program for anyone who wants to know what they need to do and how to actually succeed in the competitive world of real estate sales. Attendees are typically either new real estate agents who need that initial “kick” to jump start their career, or current agents who need tips and strategies on how to take their career to the next level.
“Once you have earned that real estate license, now the training REALLY begins” – Chris Donaldson
What Will I Learn in Superstars 2.0?
Superstars 2.0 is exactly what any real estate pro, new or old, needs in order to understand what it really takes to make it in the highly competitive world of real estate. In order to achieve a career as a real estate agent that really matters, Superstars 2.0 focuses on several key areas real estate agents need to succeed including:
  1. The importance of goal-setting and how to think like a high achiever
  2. The “Superstar Skills for Success” which REALLY separate the successful real estate agents from those who aren’t. It is the little things that matter – and what you will know that your competition won’t!
  3. Essential skills for success as a real estate agent that you just don’t learn in pre-license school including:
  • The true art of negotiating and using contracts to your advantage
  • How to deliver a KILLER listing presentation that will both earn you business and set you apart from the competition
  • How to make your phone ring with REAL effective lead generation strategies – and what to do when your phone does ring!
  • The importance of pricing and how to both examine the market AND explain it to your client properly
  • Transaction management tips, techniques, and strategies to ensure your clients will never do a deal without you on their side again!
  • Managing risk and understanding laws and rules and how to actually apply them in your real estate business – and stay OUT of trouble!
  • Marketing and sales skills to sell more houses and sell yourself
  • Plus much much MUCH more!

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