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  1. Dear Chris, My daughter, husband and I have been taking courses from your school for years. I have been a salesman within our small commercial real estate company for about 5 years. We do not sell residential. so my experiance is strictly commercial.
    I recently took the brokers course, studied as I should have, took the exam prep ect.I passed the state exam but failed the nation exam, score was 56.
    So I regrouped, studied, studied, even got the book , Real Estate for Dummies, Which seemed to help clearify some questions I had . Retook the
    The nation portion , Failed, score was 58. I ran out of time, unintentionally
    failed to answer 2 questions. Each time I took the exam I felt ready, exercised , antianxiety breathing ect.
    Both times , the first 3 scenarios on the test, blew me away. Was not sure what they wanted. Reread questions, lost much time. The second time ,I moved on thinking I would have enough time to be able to answer them later. But no, ran out of time. The math question ,at first glance seemed easy enough, reworked them , but none of them seemed to fit.
    The scenario questions, I have looked everywhere trying to find a book , ect. that would prepare me for those questions. I did buy a book from PSI for the national exam, many of the questions are about Texas , not alot of help.
    Just thinking of the test makes me feel anxious. I need to have some kind of strategy to pass this test.
    The State test seemed fair and more strait forward, the National exam, At times ,I was not so sure what they wanted.
    One question was about fair housing, I looked everywhere, I’m still not sure what the answer is. I really need to find out about that one.
    So please get in touch with me to help steer me in the right direction.
    Thank You, Joan Rogers

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